Dare Your Blossom®

we are Women!...
Endowed with the joy of giving Love and tenderness to those next to us through mere presence, through beauty, naturalness and gentleness.

why this workshop?

   The journey to conscious sensuality is one that will help you feel more in your bodies, experience emotions more deeply, and the ability to choose how to respond to our emotions.
  A woman connected to her own sensuality allows herself to experiment, makes healthy choices for herself, for others, and for the entire planet. She is connected and easily reveals her emotional and intimate self, shares love and trust.

     The holistic approach to the personal journey of reconnecting with the Divine Feminine Essence of the Women I have accompanied over time has led me to create this approach that has in the forefront the valorization of emotions, relationships, sensuality and sexuality in a manner so personal and unique in manifestation for each of us. 
    Sexual connection is the fruit of health, joy, and self-connection, not a strategy to deal with loneliness, fears of inadequacy, or emotional release through cathartic orgasms.
    Relational comfort, with oneself and with others, is the temptation to meet our needs through addictive behaviors that deplete our natural energy, joy and enthusiasm for life.