about me

​​   Hi, I am Florica Motoc, a psychotherapist, trainer and a passionate explorer of Life.
   The years of passion and dedication to training and experimentation in Psychotherapy and Somatic therapy, the constant work in individual and group therapies have paved the way for a personal approach to sexuality and intimacy, as a unique and essential expression of relationships with others, but especially with ourselves.
   The individual and group work I propose is an invitation to the somatic recovery of sovereignty and of the relationship with the intelligence of the body, an important part of my work being supported and inspired by the desire to heal the way in which people have related and still relate to the erotic body, shame, sexual trauma and somatic dissonance. I dream to inspire and bring hope to all the human beings.


​Focused, strong sense of values. I am a positive, constructive person, with strong abilities for reasoning at high level and analytical, people oriented, with abilities to understand stakeholder’s influences, construct and develop interpersonal relationships. I have developed also therapeutic skills which enabled me to sustain my clients, all of these contained by the gentelness and wisdom of my heart.

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  • ​My goal is to share my knowledge and to support the healing processes of everyone who address me. Based on this, I dream to develop and to bring as a psychotherapist, through study and research my personal input in the area of healthy sex education for women, couples and adolescents.
  • ​​1994- 1998 – Bachelor’s Degree in Law, University of Bucharest2
  • 2000 - 2001 - Postgraduate Course - Private Law Institutions, Law School, University of Bucharest
  • 2014 - 2017 – Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Ecological University of Bucharest
  • 2015 -2021 - ARPI / Romanian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy Vocational training course, Basic + Supervision
  • October 2021 - Tantra, Sex, Science and Spirituality, Pneuma Institute, ETPA 
  • 2018 - 2021 Training in Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner: Graduate of the 3-year professional training program, internationally certified in Somatic Experiencing®, organized by Somatic Experiencing International (SEI) in collaboration with Somatic Experiencing Romania (organizer)
  • 2019 - present - Assistant Somatic Experiencing training in Romania 
  • January 2020, Bucharest - The work with altered states of consciousness: Tools from clinical, Transpersonal and Transcultural Shamanic Practices and Guided Meditation techniques, seminar with Dr. REGINA U. HESS, Transpersonal psychology and hypnotherapy school Teadlik Mina
  • February 2020, Bucharest - Camino Creativo Training Program, Awakening your creative self, Transpersonal Creativity in life with Nicolas Cambas, Transpersonal psychology and hypnotherapy school Teadlik Mina 
  • April 2019, Bucharest - identity-oriented psychotraumatological theory workshop, trainer Franz Ruppert, ISTT - Institute for the Study and Treatment of Trauma
  • May 2019, Bucharest- Coping with trauma and stress, Transpersonal Psychotherapy- Work with Metaphoric Cards, trainer Ofra Ayalon, Transpersonal psychology and hypnotherapy school Teadlik Mina
  • September 2019, Bucharest, Transpersonal Art Therapy, course, trainer Ingrida Indane, Transpersonal psychology and hypnotherapy school Teadlik Mina 
  • September (25-29) 2019 - participation in the Eurotas Congress, Dourdan, France 
  • Sept 2018 - The work with altered states of consciousness: Transpersonal shamanic Methods Experiential Workshop, seminar with Dr. REGINA U. HESS, Transpersonal psychology and hypnotherapy school Teadlik Mina 
  • November 2018 - Game Therapy, workshop, trainer Ioana Irina Calota, ATJDR - Romanian Game Therapy and Drama Therapy Association. 
  • February 2015 - A holistic approach to autism. Psycho-social integration of children with autism in mainstream education, trainer Sinziana Burcea, Association of Professional Psychologists in Romania. 
  • 2014, May - Self-hypnosis workshop, trainer Eugen Popa, Romanian Hypnosis Association